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Determine Your Needs
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Selection of An Air Curtain

To determine the required protection, measure the door-draft due to negative pressure. To this figure add 1/3 of the prevailing wind and add a safety factor of 20%. (see charts for numbers)
This gives the required protection to:

(2 + 12.1/3) x 1.20 =7.24

The required protection for this door is 7.24 mph. In the chart below select the line representing the required air throw.

  1. Half of the door width for an installation with an Air Curtain mounted on both sides of the doorway.
  2. The door height for an Air Curtain mounted overhead.
  3. The door width for an Air Curtain mounted vertically on one side only.

    chart.gif (9146 bytes)

If the negative pressure in the building is excessive it should be relieved by some means such as:

  1. A make-up air unit, possibly combined with the Air Curtain.
  2. A relief opening in the building.

An Air Curtain alone is not a cure for all excessive negative pressure. Make-up air should be added and the most comfortable, practical and economical way is through an Air Curtain.


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