Personnel Door Systems

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Personnel Door Systems

General Information:

These Air Curtains are generally used in public spaces such as restaurants or supermarkets. They provide more useable space and general comfort. These Air Curtains are also specially designed to blend into almost any commercial decor, as it is made of clear satin anodized aluminum.

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In General:

The Mark series is specifically designed for this application for door heights up to about 7'.
The CFF, AFA, and CIF models are also effective.


These Air Curtains are built for public spaces such as restaurants, supermarkets, convenience store, retail outlets, reception areas and much more.


Keeps cold air out in winter, hot humid air out in summer.
Provides extra heating in winter.
Provides a barrier against flying insects.
Quiet and compact.
Improved working conditions.
Drier floors, improved safety.
Lower door maintenance.
Improved traffic flow
Lower absenteeism due to colds, etc.

Models: (Technical Data)
Models Designed Specifically For this Application:

Mark Ambient
Mark Electric
Mark Steam/Hot Water

Models That Will Also Work In This Type of Application:

CFF Ambient
CFF Electric
CFF Steam/Hot Water
AFA Ambient
AFA Electric
AFA Steam/Hot Water
CIF Ambient
CIF Electric
CIF Steam/Hot Water

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