Make-Up Air Systems

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Make-Up Air Systems

General Information:

If you presently exhaust air because of fumes, smoke, etc. then you need makeup air.
Presently the replacement air enters your building through or around the doors, windows and cracks in the building. This tends to make the workers area quite cold.
A more comfortable and economical place to allow the air to enter is at the ceiling level where it will mix with the hot stratified air and will help reduce, or eliminate, the cold drafts at the workers level.
With the Maxi-Jet air make-up system the waste heat at the ceiling level is utilized to heat the incoming cold air. This reduces the heat transmission losses for the roof and eliminates the need to overheat the building in order to keep a comfortable temperature at the worker level.

In General:

The Maxi-Jet model is specifically designed for this application.

   maxi-jet-airflow.gif (5947 bytes)


The Maxi-Jet is used in order to recirculate and "make-up" for lost air due to exhaust systems or high ceiling/stratified air buildings.
The Maxi-Jet tube style air units are designed to utilize and recycle stratified heat close to the ceiling as a heat source in winter time and to add fresh cooler air in the summer.


More comfortable working conditions.
More even distribution of heat in the plant.
Even distribution of fresh air in the plant, healthier environment.
Lower energy costs.

Models: (Technical Data)

Maxi-Jet      maxi-jet-model.gif (9739 bytes)