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Industrial Series

General Information:

Industrial Air Curtain systems are selected based upon the size of your door, possible negative pressure (excessive exhaust), local climate conditions, local wind conditions and the particular plant/production layout of your plant.
Miniveil Air Curtains built for this category and application are, for safety and heath reasons and to ensure a long life, built with the casing and air deflectors entirely of metal. We do not use any plastic parts so that, in case of a fire in the building, they do not contribute to the smoke and fumes.

In General:

The CFA series is effective for doors up to 12' high.
The CFC series is effective for doors up to 16' high.
The EWD series is effective for doors up to 22' high.
The economical FS series is effective for doors up to 14' high.


These Air Curtain are mainly used in Industrial plants and factories.

Models: (Technical Data)

CFA Ambient
CFA Steam/Hot Water
CFA Electric
CFC Ambient
CFC Steam/Hot Water
CFC Electric
EWD Ambient
EWD Steam/Hot Water
EWD Electric

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