Insect Protection

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Insect Protection
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Fly Stop System
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General Information:

For an air curtain to be effective in prevention of infiltration of dust, fly and insect protection, the air stream must be laminar, at least 3" deep and with a velocity greater than 1600 fpm 3' above floor level. This is for balance, meaning there is essentially no pressure difference between the inside and the outside. Miniveil Air Curtains are built with 4.5 and 5" wide nozzles (air outlets) for these applications. For purposes of both safety and long life Miniveil Air Curtains used for this purpose are made entirely of metal. This is also to ensure that in case of a fire in the building the unit will not contribute to the fumes and smoke.

In General:

The FS Series are very effective on doors up to 12' in height in addition to the CFA Series. The CFC Series are effective up to 14' in height and the EWD Series up to 20' in height.


Almost all food processors and pharmaceutical plants are in this category.


Healthier, cleaner environment.
Less spoilage of food products.

Models: (Technical Data)

FS Ambient

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