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Cold Storage Series

General Information:

Used to protect against the infiltration of warm and humid air through cooler and freezer doors of larger sizes. Also for use on doors to slant and storage areas for climate control to prevent infiltration of air with different temperature, humidity and/or air containing dust, gases or other odours.


Strong laminar turbulent free air stream with adjustable air velocity and angle of throw. Low sound level, 60 dbA. Outstanding performance with minimum horse power requirements. Compact, attractive design. Fits easily in small spaces.

In General:

The Series 12 model is generally effective for doors up to 10' for a cooler and 8' for a freezer.
The Series 15 model is generally effective for doors up to and over 12' high for a cooler and 12' for a freezer .


These Air Curtain are designed specifically for use in cold storage units such as freezers and coolers in food processing plants.


A more even temperature inside the cooler/freezer.
Less frosting on the evaporation coils.
More even humidity in coolers.
Improved visibility in the cooler.
Improved productivity.
Drier floors, improved safety.
Lower door maintenance.

Models: (Technical Data)

Series 12
Series 15

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